Generational differences: Gen Z versus millennials
Recent research has found that millennials prioritise sex in relationships more than Gen Z. At the same time, Gen Z as a generation are more sexually free and open to trying new positions and exploring their sexuality. Meanwhile, a different study found that teens and young adults (aged 18 to 24) think there’s too much sex on our screens.
Sex misinformation crisis
Misinformation about sex and kink is rife. And poor sex education and a lack of media literacy makes it difficult for consumers to differentiate fact from fiction. Kink educators have raised concerns about misinformation on KinkTok (the TikTok kink community), and say that misinfo is being disseminated posing risks to safety.
Big tech censorship
Since 2018 and the passing of FOSTA/SESTA in the U.S., big tech companies, including Meta and Google, have ramped up their censorship of sexual content, whether it’s sex and kink educators, sex toy manufacturers, sex workers, and journalists specialising in sex. Sex educators on Instagram say they’re being censored, with some accounts being permanently deplatformed.

Kink Analysis

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