Findom: what is it and why is it trending?

Findom is one of the top 5 highest trending keywords.
Financial domination, AKA findom, is a power play kink which centres on a dom/sub dynamic. Paypigs (the submissives) send money to findommes (the dominants) in return for humiliation.

Contrary to misconceptions, this kink isn’t dependent on having a large disposable income. People of all income types can participate in this kink. That being said, the cost of living crisis has impacted people’s ability to participate, with some saying they have less disposable income to play with.

Findom has always been a really popular kink, says Butcher. But, given that we’re living through a cost of living crisis, there are challenges with exploring a kink which involves money.

“Those who do have the money to be paying out for this kink and have that kink, it adds an extra layer of pleasure,” says Butcher. “Because the whole point of findom is that the subs get the enjoyment of giving doms that money and then seeing what they spend on it.”